Saturday, November 8, 2008

Technology in the Classroom

This past week in the classroom has been so fun. It has been great to see all of the technological resources that are available to the students at their school, and the efforts our cooperating teacher has made to integrate technology into his own classroom. In the classroom we are observing in they have a projector that they use for everything! I never knew that the projectors could be so useful. The Daily morning review is projected onto the board for students to work on, a quiz is projected onto the board and students do their work on their own piece of paper. Each student also put together their own PowerPoint presentation and was able to use the projector to present it to the class. The thing that was most amazing to me was that these students were so familiar and comfortable with the different technology tools they used in the classroom. I can definitely see that the students respond really well to the lessons that are given using technology and they really enjoy them. I am getting a lot of ideas for using technology in my own classroom someday. I love that a lot of worksheets that teachers would usually hand out to every student are just projected up onto the board and every student can see it and work on it on their own papers- less copies for the teacher to make!

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