Friday, November 14, 2008

Learning Log

I had another great week in the classroom and love being able to apply the things that we have been learning. I had some of my first opportunities to teach this past week and it was so interesting to work one on one with the students and to be able to understand a little bit better how their mind is working and what I can do better as a teacher to help them grasp this new concept. I have seen a lot of assimilation and accommodation and more fully understand the importance of prior knowledge in our lessons and relating it to their own lives.

So What?
I have loved the practice I have gotten this past week, and can't wait to teach more! I have learned a lot this past week and am excited to apply my new knowledge. I think it helps me understand the concepts a lot better when I see them in action and I have something concrete to remember the concept by.

Now What?
I just need to practice, practice, practice! I am glad I still have 1 year of school left before I actually have to teach. I have a lot to learn!

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