Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tech Interview

My partner and I did our tech interview with our cooperating teacher. It was really interesting to see the different technological resources that are available in today's schools. Each teacher has their own computer in their room, with a network drive that they can save all of their documents to. There were two computer labs in the school and a mobile Mac lab that the students could bring into their classrooms to use. Each classroom was equipped with a T.V. where they watched the morning announcements. The school did not have a lot of extra technology applications on their computers, but our cooperating teacher had purchased a few programs he had on his computer that were really interesting and seemed to be very practical for classroom use. The downside was that the students could only interact with it as a class on the Teachers computer, and not every individual student. Our cooperating teacher was talking to my partner and I about their mobile Mac lab and told us that the school had the computers for a year before they were able to use them because the school district did not have anyone that could provide tech support for a Mac computer. I thought that was so sad, and it really helped me understand why as teachers it is so important to know about the current technology and the tools our students are using. If we don't understand how to use them we will never be able to help our students use them effectively for academic purposes.

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