Friday, November 14, 2008

Integrating Technology into the Classroom

This past week we haven't used a lot of technology in the classroom. We are preparing the students to do a research project and we will have the Mac lab in our classroom for 2 days next week which I am very excited for. It will be so fun to see the students using the computers and to have them teach us a thing or two. Our cooperating teacher was gone two days this week at a workshop about using technology in the classroom, and said the workshop was awesome. He showed us a few of the really cool and practical tools that they showed him that he felt like could really be used in the classroom. The workshop was through the Jordan District. One website he showed us was From the main page you go to resources. I have just browsed through there and there are a ton of great things that would be very useful in an elementary classroom. I especially thought the movie maker and imovie tutorials would be really helpful. I also liked that they provided links for places to get free multimedia. As I have been in the classroom I am constantly more aware of all the possibilities there are for integrating technology into the classroom.

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