Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Technology Research # 2


When I first thought about podcasting and how it can be used in the classroom I could see no connection at all but as I was doing some research and reading articles about the use of podcasting in the classroom I am totally sold on the idea! One thing I found in my research is that it really helps students increase their writing ability and creativity. When the students are writing a script for a podcast that they know is going to be on the Internet and potentially can be listened to by everyone in the world they tend to write more creatively and get excited and passionate about what they are writing, which increases the quality of their writing. Podcasting is also a really cheap way to incorporate technology into the classroom. There is not a lot of expensive equipment that needs to be purchased, and so it is something that can be used in every classroom by every single student. I think it is a great way for students to feel like they can put their ideas out there for others to hear, and comment on. One idea I found online was for the class to develop a weekly podcast together in connection with another school that is producing their own weekly podcast. The students can listen to and provide feedback on each others podcasts which makes it fun and exciting for the students. Another way podcasting could be utilized is students could listen to a lecture or the reading of a literature piece they are assigned to do a write-up on. If the students are listening to it as a podcast they can do it on their own time outside of the classroom, and I think students will be more inclined to be interested and listen if it coming from a podcast rather than direct instruction from their teacher. The possibilities with podcasting are limitless and it is a great way to get students excited about the work they are doing in class.

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